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A Church You Can Call Home

Here at Iglesia La Senda Antigua, we want to reach more people and touch more lives.

Experience God and

Hear His Word

As a Pentecostal church, Iglesia La Senda Antigua in Belleville, New Jersey is a home for individuals who want to build a stronger relationship with God and restore their faith. Our welcoming church is committed to exalting the Lord and making Him known to more people. Here, we are a family that’s forged by God’s love and strengthened by His word.

More Than Just a Church

Iglesia La Senda Antigua aims to be a haven for those seeking God in their lives. Our church leaders and members are more than willing to help people understand His message. The unity among us makes our church feel like family. Whether you want to learn more about the Lord’s teachings or embark on a new spiritual journey, you have a place here.



Sunday May 18, 2003 The Church Pent. La Senda Antigua, CLA was founded in the home of pastors Miguel and Lilly Ortiz. Pastors Ortiz responded to the pastoral call and responded "Here I am, Lord, we will do your will." For the Glory of God the church was started with 14 adults and 7 children, And for the Glory of God souls continued to be added to the fold for the kingdom of God. Currently the pastors shepherd a beautiful congregation that the Lord has given them into their hands. The church is located at 171 Main St., Belleville, NJ 07109. To which everyone is welcome!

Our mission

Our mission is to reach souls for the kingdom of heaven, and that they can find refuge, healing and liberation in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Outside of the Lord Jesus Christ there is no salvation and in Him we find what our souls need so much!

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